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Come August 11th and a team of sustainability experts, climate change and explorers from across six nations will get together for the Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) in Ladakh laden with equipment and supplies for the 11 day Himalayan challenge ahead. This inaugural edition of the Global Himalayan Expedition focuses on the holistic Himalayan experience, stretching across pure adventure, cultural connect with the local communities, and activities focused on local sustainability. Not only does the expedition aims to connect the world thought leaders and sustainability experts to the region which is a perfect example of sustainable living, but importantly it is attempting to set up world’s 3rd Education Base (E-Base) in the region.
Luminous Power technologies Ltd will help power up the designated E-base through its solar offerings thus enabling education and cross-cultural learning as a way forward to tackle ecological and global challenges. The ‘Third E-Base’ will run exclusively on sustainable power technology products being provided by Luminous Power Technologies. The E-Base will serve as a connecting medium for educational, environmental and energy initiatives between the local population and the global audience.
Woodland, country’s leading outdoor adventure gear brand, Title sponsor for the third Pole E-Base.
The inauguration of the Third Pole E-Base will be done by the world famous polar explorer, Sir Robert Swan, Order of British Empire (OBE), the first person to have walked to both the poles of Earth. The concept of E- base too has been instituted by Sir Swan who prior to this initiative has built two E bases at the South Pole and Pench Forests in Madhya Pradesh.
Sir Robert Swan elaborates, “E-base has been a real support function to our work. This 3rd Pole E-Base will be a multi dimensional base, supporting the local population and acting as a repository for future explorers and sustainability experts. We know that work is happening but we can’t be working in silos. We wanted thought leaders in this domain to come together to a place which is a perfect example for sustainable living. We wish to establish a perfect setting for the world to learn more about climate change and comprehend the need to promote renewable energy, preservation and conservation practices in their areas of operations. 2041 will extend all possible support to this initiative.”
Luminous is setting up a complete solar powered system comprising of Solar Panels, Solar Home UPS and Solar Batteries.
Manish Pant, Managing Director of Luminous Power Technologies says, “The future of our planet is dependent on the justifiable usage of natural resources. By powering up the ‘Third E-Base’ our aim is also to take forward the messaging of Luminous Solar offerings being versatile for heavy-duty usage across various challenging environments. As is well known that only the toughest survive in the harsh & testing climate of Ladakh, our aim is to demonstrate the product excellence of Luminous Power Technologies and showcase our technological expertise.”
During the course of the expedition the participants would also be connecting with the local communities and support them through the provision of Special home lighting equipment (provided by Luminous).
Woodland is one of the fewer eco-conscious brands that continuously work towards contributing to environment under its CSR Initiative–Proplanet.
Speaking on the occasion, Harikirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland said, “We are glad to be associated with Global Himalayan Expedition which revolve around adventure, youth, and outdoors. Being an outdoor brand, we strongly feel preservation of nature should be a prime concern for all. We have always supported outdoors and adventure sports in the country: be it Paragliding, rock climbing or an expedition. Woodland has always focused on the importance of eco-consciousness and has embraced it as one of the key objectives, with a goal to inspire the next generation of adventure enthusiasts and increase their participation in conservation of nature.”
The expedition revolves around three different modes of negotiating the terrain – biking, trekking and rafting- and we refer it all as the Tri-Adventure. The 2013 inaugural expedition of GHE will be attended by sustainability experts, travelers and explorers from across 6 nations including US, UK, UAE, Nepal & Netherlands and will take them through Remote Villages and setups across the Zanskar Valley.
Brain child of Paras Loomba, an engineer by profession and a sustainability expert and an avid trekker, who post his Antarctica expedition last year conceptualized the expedition in Ladakh this year to bring the world focus to the 3rd Pole and highlight stories of simple people shouldering extraordinary responsibilities, and communities working unknowingly towards saving the planet.
Mr Paras elaborates “My Journey to the South Pole was a transformational experience which made me realize the need for a sustainable future. As well as raising awareness and establishing a connecting with the local community, GHE is a unique opportunity to carry out a number of scientific tasks in the extreme environment, which will make a significant contribution to our understanding of the true effects of global warming closer to home. We thank all our participants and our sponsors and partner organizations especially Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre to have supported us throughout.”
By creating a foundation based on the three pillars of Sustainable Energy Structure, E-learning Knowledge Centre & Local Acceptance, the World’s ‘Third E-Base’ to be located at Mahabodhi in Ladakh will act as an a bridge between Ladakhi community and the outside world. The E-base will act as a window for local students to connect with global educators & researchers. It will also educate local students on the latest in Science, Technology & Arts and will host visiting faculties to cover relevant topics. For the global community, the ‘Third E-Base’ will provide a platform to understand Ladakhian culture and their sustainable lifestyle and increase its socio-cultural setup.

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