Shruti Sancheti collections was inspired from East India Company

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Shruti Sancheti, who showcased her collection at Will Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014 inspired from East India Company. Everyone at the Fashion Week liked Shrutis collections.
The British entered India in 16th century as traders but ruled for next 200 years. They came with their unique cultural identity and very British clothing and fashion sense. The woman of the “Raj” especially from the 19th century, lead a glamorous and enchanting life of polo matches, races, moonlight picnics, dances, cocktail parties, dawn riding etc. They spent many months in Hill stations to combat the oppressive heat and enjoyed a lavish, colonial lifestyle. They were mesmerized by the exotic local princesses, the opulent jewels, magnificent silks and exquisite craft. These women had access to periodicals, journals and novels from England and would incorporate the Indian luxurious elements into their Anglicized preferences and thus resulting in a unique mode of dressing and fashion which was particular to these “Memsahibs” of East India Company.
This collection is heavily inspired by the captivating and bewitching lifestyles of these remarkable women who adapted and amalgamated two parallel yet contradictory cultures and produced a unique and novel fashion statement. The colour palette of the collection are keeping the Imperial preferences in mind, like oxblood, navy blue, deep purple, crimson, burgundy, teal, burnt orange etc and have pretty English floral prints. The base fabric is pure, woven silk along with smattering of velvet, raw silk, lace all a reminiscent of the Edwardian and Victorian era. Intricate hand embroidery in motifs of blooms in thread work, cut work have been used for surface ornamentation and the silhouettes are heavily inspired by the elaborateness and conservativeness of the period, however they have a contemporary twist.
The look is perfect for the global woman, who is deeply nostalgic and is enthralled by the bygone era, the one who loves to sport a blend of two cultures as well as two different time periods and believes in femininity, grace and poise.

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