IAAI’s Interactive Workshop in Chennai on July 5

Mr Biji Eapan

Breaking Tourism News (BTN India)
IATA Agents Association of India ( IAAI ) will be conducting their First Interactive Workshop titled “ Travel Agency Handbook – Simplified “ on July 5, 2014 at Hotel Rain Drops, Chennai.
IAAI’s National President Mr Biji Eapan said “Travel Agents in India are the most affected Trade Body worldwide due to the diffident attitude of IATA and the Airlines. He explained that the Airlines who are our Principals are acting as our Competitors, which is unheard of anywhere in the World in any other Field or Industry as well. He said how can the Airlines do direct sales by cutting the Agents when it suits them and still fall back on the Agents as their revenue Channel for Majority of their Businesses.”
IAAI has therefore decided to Equip and empower its Members with knowledge and help them understand their rights as Travel Agents and share with them the best practices and tools to survive against adversities. He said it is important to become street smart and make the Airlines aware of the useful role of the Agents and dispel the wrong notion that the Airlines can cut costs by cutting the Agents.
Mr Biji said “The industry can expect more such Workshops in the Future throughout India as this is the strongest tool we have to help our members Survive the current adverse atmosphere.”

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