About Us

Breaking Tourism News (BTN India)  will be  the one of the leading India’s International Travel News Portal for the exclusive class of readers in National & International Travel and  Tourism Industry ,Hospitality Industry , Aviation Industry, Colleges, Educational Institutes,  PR Agencies, Fashion Industry, Auto Industry, Lifestyle Industry as well as for the  Corporate Sector.

The portal  is being  launched by a Media Group, dedicated to a man of great wisdom and  foresight who have  vast experienced of  more than four decades  in Print and Publications  Industry.  Currently   Media Group is running Travel publication which  has completed 16 years of excellence in tourism journalism.  The  Group is also in the rural publication  which is widely circulated and pioneer readership magazine from last 25 years in agriculture journalism.

Today, the portal industry is growing in a larger manner, which run  by experience  team of editorial, who has worked in various reputed & renowned  newspapers and magazines with youthful vision and foresightness. Thanks to the dedicated service and unfailing devotion by everyone involved with this portal which  help us  to grow rapidly into  travel & tourism world. This portal will give you  best and exclusive coverage  in International and Domestic Tourism, Tourist Destination, Hospitality, Aviation, Lifestyle, Auto, Fashion, Food, Fair & Festival, Art, Culture etc. The highly success story of the Breaking Tourism News unfolds like a fairy tale and indeed, as found in all fairy tales. We too have had our moments of  joys, sorrows, triumphs and tribulations. It’s  a story of the indomitable  spirit of  our workforce and  its leadership, the passion helps us for continuous  improvement at all levels,  dedicated  to modern technology which culminates in the excellence of our port.